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action ac‧tion [ˈækʆn] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] when someone does something in order to deal with a problem or difficult situation:

• The government's action was prompted by shortages of foreign exchange.

• We must take action to make our shares accessible to a broader segment of the investing public.

— see also right of action
afˌfirmative ˈaction [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
when employers give jobs or other opportunities to people who are normally treated unfairly because of their race, sex etc:

• affirmative action programs

diˌrect ˈaction [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
anything other than talking that is done by an organized group of people in order to try and change something or to get what they want, for example striking:

• The fishermen's leaders tried to distance themselves from the threat of direct action.

inˌdustrial ˈaction [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
when workers do something as a protest against their employer, for example stopping work for a period of time or by only doing certain types of work:

• The union is threatening further industrial action.

ˈjob ˌaction [countable, uncountable] LAW
an occasion when workers strike (= refuse to work) for a period of time as a protest against their employer:

• The government's plan brought threats of job actions from postal employees.

ˌsecondary ˈaction noun [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a situation in which workers in one factory, company etc strike in order to support the striking workers in a different factory etc:

• The Court of Appeal ruled that the absence of a contract between the shipbuilders and the port authority made secondary action illegal.

ˈstrike ˌaction [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
when workers strike as a protest against their employer:

• Postal workers have voted in support of strike action.

• the number of man-hours lost through strike action

2. [uncountable] when important things happen, for example when there is a lot of buying or selling or prices rise or fall:

• The tax cut was intended to restore some market action in the banking and real-estate sectors.

3. [countable, uncountable] LAW the process of taking a case or a claim against someone to a court of law:

• They began an action to repossess the house.

• When the loan was not repaid, he threatened legal action .

• They will bring an action against him if he does not repay the loan.

ˈclass ˌaction [countable] LAW
when a group of people who have all suffered in the same way take a person or organization to court together:

• class action lawsuits brought on behalf of smokers against tobacco companies

ˌfrivolous ˈaction [countable, uncountable] LAW
a legal action that does not have serious legal reasons behind it:

• The company said it would mount a vigorous defense `against this frivolous action.'

ˌpersonal ˈaction [countable]
a legal action in which someone tries to get money from someone who has injured them, damaged their property etc

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action UK US /ˈækʃən/ noun
[U] the process of doing something, especially in order to deal with a problem or difficult situation: take action (to do sth) »

The report urged industrialised nations to take further action to cut their budget deficits.

action on sth »

Campaigners say more action is needed on climate change.

call/press for action »

Unions are pressing for action on the pay dispute.


decisive/drastic/prompt action


The committee was spurred into action by the threat of government cuts.


You need to clearly outline a specific course of action in your business plan.

[C] something that you do, especially in order to deal with a problem or difficult situation: »

Industry analysts said the company's actions cannot control market prices.


He said that employees must be held accountable for their actions.

[U] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE important things that are happening in a market, etc.: »

Fund managers let themselves be carried away by the favorable market action of the shares.

[C or U] LAW a legal process that is decided in a court of law: civil/court/legal action »

He threatened legal action to recover the property.

bring an action against sb/sth »

The purchaser could have brought an action against the vendor under section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act.

put sth into action — Cf. put sth into action
an action plan/a plan of action — Cf. an action plan/a plan of action
a piece/slice of the action — Cf. a slice of the action
See also AFFIRMATIVE ACTION(Cf. ↑affirmative action), CLASS ACTION(Cf. ↑class action), DIRECT ACTION(Cf. ↑direct action), DISCIPLINARY ACTION(Cf. ↑disciplinary action), GROUP ACTION(Cf. ↑group action), INDUSTRIAL ACTION(Cf. ↑industrial action), JOB ACTION(Cf. ↑job action), PERSONAL ACTION(Cf. ↑personal action), PRIMARY ACTION(Cf. ↑primary action), RIGHT OF ACTION(Cf. ↑right of action), SECONDARY ACTION(Cf. ↑secondary action), STRIKE ACTION(Cf. ↑strike action)
action UK US /ˈækʃən/ verb [T, usually passive]
to do something to deal with a particular task, problem, or plan: »

Some of the conclusions and recommendations of the report can be actioned straight away.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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